Theoretical fluid dynamics in the twenty-first century

New ISBN 9780854036974
Format: Paperback
Pages: 143
Price: GBP29.95
Date Published: July 2008
Published by: Royal Society Publishing

Editors: Xuesong Wu and Darren Crowdy

This special issue contains a selection of papers based on the plenary and invited lectures presented at the meeting 'Theoretical fluid dynamics in the twenty-first century', which was held at Imperial College London on 15-16 December, 2006, to celebrate the distinguished career of Professor J. Trevor Stuart FRS as well as his 40 years of active service at Imperial College.

This theme issue provides a snap shot of some recent and ongoing important developments in fluid mechanics. It consists of articles addressing new problems emerging from current industry and environmental concerns, as well as those tackling outstanding 'classical problems', which have interested and challenged fluid dynamicist and mathematicians for generations. The collection of the articles reflects the continued fascination, intellectual appeal and most importantly the practical relevance of theoretical fluid dynamics in the 21st century. They highlight the importance of even closer interactions between theoretical, experimental and numerical approaches in tackling increasingly complex problems, which possess multi-dimensional, multi-scale, and highly nonlinear characteristics.

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This is an issue of Philosophical Transactions Series A (ISSN 1364 503X)

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