Next Steps Booklets (Boxes of 50)

New ISBN NS2012
Format: Paperback
Pages: 38
Price: GBP37.53
Date Published: August 2012
Published by: Bioscience Careers Group

A careers guide for undergraduate and recently graduated students, to inform them of their options after studying a bioscience degree. Chapters include job seeking strategies, the importance of skills, postgraduate study options, making applications, going for interview and a resource list.

View the online version here.

Created by a collection of like-minded bioscience learned societies that make up the Bioscience Careers Group (

The booklets can be ordered in boxes of 50, and used by life science departments, careers services, individual students and at open days.

Jane Pooler, the Biology Liaison Officer at AGCAS and Careers Consultant at Imperial College London, said "’Nextsteps: options after a bioscience degree’ is a recommended resource for all bioscience undergraduates. It provides an overview of the types of careers open to bioscience graduates and emphasises the importance of developing skills from the very start of a degree, by undertaking work experience and extra-curricular activities - thus helping to increase the employability of bioscience students"


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