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Greenhouse Gas Measurement and Management brings together information on the application of methods and techniques to estimate, measure, account and audit greenhouse gases, with experiences on their management and control. This includes experiences in implementing market-based instruments (such as the clean development mechanism and joint implementation) to achieve emission reduction objectives at all levels. It also presents conceptual, methodological and empirical analyses of policy-relevant metrics related to the management of greenhouse gases, and their impacts for industry, government and international organisations, with an emphasis on applied research.

The journal offers a practical way of assessing the validity of current research and communicating it in a transparent and credible manner, and in a way that responds to the questions of decision-makers. It also provides a credible source of peer-reviewed data and information that contributes towards the enhancement of the quality of greenhouse gas emission and removal inventory data and the broader application of successful greenhouse gas mitigation measures.

Free online access for Academic Institutions and NGOs in 2011. Please contact

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