Perspectives: Studies in Translatology

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Editor-in-Chief: Cay Dollerup, Centre for Translation Studies and Lexicography, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
Co-Editors: Henrik Gottlieb and Viggo Hjørnager Pedersen
Editorial Board: Sándor Albert, Szeged, Hungary; Eva Hung, Hong Kong; Yunxing Li, Tianjin, China; Riitta Oittinen, Tampere, Finland; Srihari Rao, Raipur, India; María Julia Sainz, Montevideo, Uruguay; Milena Savova, New York, USA; Adullah Shunnaq, Irbid, Jordan.

Perspectives : Studies in Translatology, now in its eighth year of publication, encourages studies of all types of interlingual transmission, such as translation, interpreting, subtitling etc.

The emphasis lies on analyses of authentic translation work, translation practices, procedures and strategies. Based on real-life examples, studies in the journal place their findings in an international Perspective from a practical, theoretical or pedagogical angle in order to address important issues in the craft, the methods and the results of translation studies worldwide.

Previous volumes have published 2 issues a year, starting from Volume 8 in the year 2000 the journal will be published on a quarterly basis, each issue consisting of approximately 80 pages. The language of publication will be English although the issues discussed involve all languages and language pairs.

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