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Significant growth in stormwater investment is anticipated in many countries as government and industry sectors are ready to invest in stormwater technology and infrastructure solutions. Australia, China, India, Oceania, Europe, and the United States have all made strides in stormwater control, however the market remains underdeveloped – yet poised for major growth. Aging collection and treatment systems and higher precipitation levels are driving government and industry leaders to expand and upgrade stormwater systems to protect the quality of water resources.

World Water: Stormwater will cover this emerging global market. This new quarterly publication will focus on current solutions that will help manage runoff and stormwater flows on municipal, industrial, and commercial lands. Topics will include: low-impact development, green infrastructure, collection and conveyance, drainage systems, erosion and sediment control, water quality monitoring, treatment equipment, and sustainable stormwater harvesting and reuse. With an emphasis on practical problem-solving, World Water: Stormwater will also offer water professionals the opportunity to learn about promising research and development initiatives.

Last issue despatched:
Issue: Vol 3 Iss 2 (1 March 2015)
Date despatched: 18 May 2015


World Water: Stormwater Management
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