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With over 25 years experience providing the key decision makers in the international water industry with up-to-the-minute technical information, industry news and authoritative comment, WORLD WATER & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING is the first choice for those marketers targeting this fast growing global business.

WORLD WATER's editorial pages cover the whole spread of information from the latest engineering and technical developments to industry news. Presented in an easily assimilated style, WORLD WATER offers today's busy water engineer/executive an overview of what is happening in the world of water supply, distribution and wastewater treatment.

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WORLD WATER, uniquely, has an independently audited circulation with an ABC International Certificate of Circulation. WORLD WATER's circulation is requested, controlled or subscribed and is comprised of engineers, government and municipal officials, consultants, contractors, planners and executives engaged in water, wastewater and environmental engineering.

WEF Publishing UK Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Water Environment Federation (WEF). Formed in 1928, WEF has 36,000 members and 76 Member Associations in 30 countries. In addition to its numerous educational programs, technical training materials and publications, WEF is perhaps best known as the creator and sponsor of WEFTEC®, the world's largest annual water quality event. For more information, visit

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