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Individual Usage Statistics

Subscribers to PCS hosted journals can access usage statistics reports online. These reports comply with The COUNTER Code of Practice Journals and Databases: Release 4

Portland Press SUSHI service
Portland press now provides COUNTER reports via SUSHI. To find out how to do this please refer to our SUSHI guide.

The reports will display data for all Journals with an Institutional Subscription for the following Publishers only:

Expert Information
International Water Association
Portland Press Ltd
Antiquity Publications Ltd

The reports include data from January 2002, are updated monthly, and can be downloaded in .csv and XML format for ease of use.

Are you getting the most from your usage statistics?
We are here to help, so please contact if you want to:

  • check that all your IP addresses are registered and up to date
  • request any further information, advice or help on usage

In order to access your usage statistics you will need to register a password.
If you have already registered your password and been given a username, you can log in below to access your statistics.
Please note this is NOT the same username and password that you use to access the journal content!