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Online Books

The following books are available online at Portland Press:

Biochemical Society Symposia

Biochemical Society Symposia vol 80: Epigenetic Mechanisms in Development and Disease
Biochemical Society Symposia vol 79: Frontiers in Biological Catalysis
Biochemical Society Symposia vol 78: Recent Advances in Membrane Biochemistry
Biochemical Society Symposia vol 77: Organelle Biogenesis and Positioning in Plants
Biochemical Society Symposia vol 76: DNA Damage: from Causes to Cures
Biochemical Society Symposia vol 75: Biochemical Society Annual Symposium - Structure and Function in Cell Adhesion
Biochemical Society Symposia vol 74: The Cell Biology of Inositol Lipids and Phosphates
Biochemical Society Symposia vol 73: Transcription
Biochemical Society Symposia vol 72: Lipids, Rafts and Traffic
Biochemical Society Symposia vol 71: Free Radicals: Enzymology, Signalling and Disease
Biochemical Society Symposia vol 70: Proteases and the Regulation of Biological Processes
Biochemical Society Symposia vol 69: Glycogenomics: The Impact of Genomics and Informatics in Glycobiology
Biochemical Society Symposia vol 68: From Protein Folding to New Enzymes
Biochemical Society Symposia vol 67: Neuronal Signal Transduction and Alzheimer's Disease
Biochemical Society Symposia vol 66: Mitochondria and Cell Death
Biochemical Society Symposia vol 61: Free Radicals and Oxidative Stress: Environment, Drugs and Food Additives

Essays in Biochemistry

Essays in Biochemistry No. 54: The Role of Non-Coding RNAs in Biology
Essays in Biochemistry No. 53: Cell Polarity and Cancer
Essays in Biochemistry No. 52: Lysine-Based Post-Translational Modification of Proteins
Essays in Biochemistry No. 51: Molecular Parasitology
Essays in Biochemistry No. 50: ABC Transporters
Essays in Biochemistry No. 49: Chronobiology
Essays in Biochemistry No. 48: Epigenetics, Disease and Behaviour
Essays in Biochemistry No. 47: Mitochondrial Function
Essays in Biochemistry No. 46: The Polyamines: Small Molecules in the 'Omics' Era
Essays in Biochemistry No. 45: Systems Biology
Essays in Biochemistry vol 44: Drugs and Ergogenic Aids to Improve Sport Performance
Essays in Biochemistry vol 43: Oxygen Sensing and Hypoxia-Induced Responses
Essays in Biochemistry vol 42: The Biochemical Basis of the Health Effects of Exercise
Essays in Biochemistry vol 41: The Ubiquitin-Proteasome System
Essays in Biochemistry vol 40: The Nuclear Receptor Superfamily
Essays in Biochemistry vol 39: Programmed Cell Death
Essays in Biochemistry vol 38: Proteases in Biology and Medicine
Essays in Biochemistry vol 37: Regulation of Gene Expression
Essays in Biochemistry vol 36: Molecular Trafficking
Essays in Biochemistry vol 35: Molecular Motors
Essays in Biochemistry vol 34: Metalloproteins
Essays in Biochemistry vol 33: Molecular Biology of the Brain

Wenner-Gren International Series

Wenner-Gren International Series, Volume 86: Trust in Universities
Wenner-Gren International Series, Volume 85: From Information to Knowledge; from Knowledge to Wisdom
Wenner-Gren International Series, Volume 84: The University in the Market
Wenner-Gren International Series, Volume 83: The Formative Years of Scholars

Other books

Virtual University? Educational Environments of the Future
Glossary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
The Impact of Electronic Publishing on the Academic Community
A Leaf In Time
Microbes Bugs and Wonder Drugs Teacher's Notes
Biochemistry Across the School Curriculum
Quality Assessment for Higher Education in Europe
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