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Themed Collection

50 Years of FEBS

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS), we have made freely available for 3 months 50 high-quality papers published in the Portland Press family of journals (Biochemical Journal, Biochemical Society Transactions, Bioscience Reports and Clinical Science) by authors in 22 of the FEBS member countries.

Mitochondrial respiratory chain complex I is inactivated by NADPH oxidase Nox4
Rafał Kozieł, Haymo Pircher, Manuela Kratochwil, Barbara Lener, Martin Hermann, Norbert A. Dencher and Pidder Jansen-Dürr
Biochemical Journal (2013) 452, 231–239; doi:10.1042/BJ20121778

Designing CXCL8-based decoy proteins with strong anti-inflammatory activity in vivo
Angelika Falsone, Veronica Wabitsch, Elena Geretti, Heide Potzinger, Tanja Gerlza, James Robinson, Tiziana Adage, Mauro M. Teixeira and Andreas J. Kungl
Bioscience Reports (2013) 33, e00068; doi:10.1042/BSR20130069

Selection of non-competitive leptin antagonists using a random nanobody-based approach
Lennart Zabeau, Annick Verhee, Dominiek Catteeuw, Liesbeth Faes, Sylvie Seeuws, Tine Decruy, Dirk Elewaut, Frank Peelman and Jan Tavernier
Biochemical Journal (2012) 441, 425–434; doi:10.1042/BJ20110438

Impact of PPAR-α induction on glucose homoeostasis in alcohol-fed mice
Valérie Lebrun, Olivier Molendi-Coste, Nicolas Lanthier, Christine Sempoux, Patrice D. Cani, Nico van Rooijen, Peter Stärkel, Yves Horsmans and Isabelle A. Leclercq
Clinical Science (2013) 125, 501–511; doi:10.1042/CS20130064

Different molecular mechanisms involved in spontaneous and oxidative stress-induced mitochondrial fragmentation in tripeptidyl peptidase-1 (TPP-1)-deficient fibroblasts
Guillaume Van Beersel, Eliane Tihon, Stéphane Demine, Isabelle Hamer, Michel Jadot and Thierry Arnould
Bioscience Reports (2013) 33, e00023; doi:10.1042/BSR20120104

Dynein, microtubule and cargo: a ménage à trois
Nenad Pavin and Iva M. Tolić-Nørrelykke
Biochemical Society Transactions (2013) 41, 1731–1735; doi:10.1042/BST20130235

Cross-talk among epigenetic modifications: lessons from histone arginine methylation
Diego Molina-Serrano, Vassia Schiza and Antonis Kirmizis
Biochemical Society Transactions (2013) 41, 751–759; doi:10.1042/BST20130003

Czech Republic
In search of ligands and receptors of the pollen tube: the missing link in pollen tube perception
Said Hafidh, David Potěšil, Jan Fíla, Jana Feciková, Věra Capková, Zbyněk Zdráhal and David Honys
Biochemical Society Transactions (2014) 42, 388–394; doi:10.1042/BST20130204

Cytokine networking of innate immunity cells: a potential target of therapy
Ilja Striz, Eva Brabcova, Libor Kolesar and Alena Sekerkova
Clinical Science (2014) 126, 593–612; doi:10.1042/CS20130497

ADAM12 is expressed in the tumour vasculature and mediates ectodomain shedding of several membrane-anchored endothelial proteins
Camilla Fröhlich, Marie Klitgaard, Julie B. Noer, Alexander Kotzsch, Camilla Nehammer, Pauliina Kronqvist, Jens Berthelsen, Carl Blobel, Marie Kveiborg, Reidar Albrechtsen and Ulla M. Wewer
Biochemical Journal (2013) 452, 97–109; doi:10.1042/BJ20121558

New insights into the structure and function of the pseudokinase domain in JAK2
Olli Silvennoinen, Daniela Ungureanu, Yashavanthi Niranjan, Henrik Hammaren, Rajintha Bandaranayake and Stevan R. Hubbard
Biochemical Society Transactions (2013) 41, 1002–1007 doi:10.1042/BST20130005

The actin/MKL1 signalling pathway influences cell growth and gene expression through large-scale chromatin reorganization and histone post-translational modifications
Gilles Flouriot, Guillaume Huet, Florence Demay, Farzad Pakdel, Noureddine Boujrad and Denis Michel
Biochemical Journal (2014) 461, 257–268; doi:10.1042/BJ20131240

The folded and disordered domains of human ribosomal protein SA have both idiosyncratic and shared functions as membrane receptors
Nora Zidane, Mohamed B. Ould-Abeih, Isabelle Petit-Topin and Hugues Bedouelle
Bioscience Reports (2013) 33, e00011; doi:10.1042/BSR20120103

Molecular structure of human GM-CSF in complex with a disease-associated anti-human GM-CSF autoantibody and its potential biological implications
Michaela Blech, Daniel Seeliger, Barbara Kistler, Margit M. T. Bauer, Mathias Hafner, Stefan Hörer, Markus Zeeb, Herbert Nar and John E. Park
Biochemical Journal (2012) 447, 205–215; doi:10.1042/BJ20120884

The composition of cigarette smoke determines inflammatory cell recruitment to the lung in COPD mouse models
Gerrit John, Katrin Kohse, Jürgen Orasche, Ahmed Reda, Jürgen Schnelle-Kreis, Ralf Zimmermann, Otmar Schmid, Oliver Eickelberg and Ali Önder Yildirim
Clinical Science (2014) 126, 207–221; doi:10.1042/CS20130117

Oligomerization and Ca2+/calmodulin control binding of the ER Ca2+-sensors STIM1 and STIM2 to plasma membrane lipids
Rajesh Bhardwaj, Hans-Michael Müller, Walter Nickel and Matthias Seedorf
Bioscience Reports (2013) 33, e00077; doi:10.1042/BSR20130089

Inactivation of the phosphoglucomutase gene pgm in Corynebacterium glutamicum affects cell shape and glycogen metabolism
Gerd M. Seibold and Bernhard J. Eikmanns
Bioscience Reports (2013) 33, e00059; doi:10.1042/BSR20130076

Advances in siRNA delivery to T-cells: potential clinical applications for inflammatory disease, cancer and infection
Michael Freeley and Aideen Long
Biochemical Journal (2013) 455, 133–147; doi:10.1042/BJ20130950

Metabolomics in nutrition research: current status and perspectives
Lorraine Brennan
Biochemical Society Transactions (2013) 41, 670–673; doi:10.1042/BST20120350

Challenges and obstacles related to solving the codon bias riddles
Tamir Tuller
Biochemical Society Transactions (2014) 42, 155–159; doi:10.1042/BST20130095

Phosphorylation of the guanine-nucleotide-exchange factor CalDAG-GEFI by protein kinase A regulates Ca2+-dependent activation of platelet Rap1b GTPase
Gianni Francesco Guidetti, Daria Manganaro, Alessandra Consonni, Ilaria Canobbio, Cesare Balduini and Mauro Torti
Biochemical Journal (2013) 453, 115–123; doi:10.1042/BJ20130131

Role of stem-cell-derived microvesicles in the paracrine action of stem cells
Giovanni Camussi, Maria Chiara Deregibus and Vincenzo Cantaluppi
Biochemical Society Transactions (2013) 41, 283–287; doi:10.1042/BST20120192

Genetic, epigenetic and stem cell alterations in endometriosis: new insights and potential therapeutic perspectives
Amalia Forte, Marilena Cipollaro and Umberto Galderisi
Clinical Science (2014) 126, 123–138; doi:10.1042/CS20130099

miR-296/Scribble axis is deregulated in human breast cancer and miR-296 restoration reduces tumour growth in vivo
Federica Savi, Irene Forno, Alice Faversani, Andrea Luciani, Sarah Caldiera, Stefano Gatti, Paolo Foa, Dario Ricca, Gaetano Bulfamante, Valentina Vaira and Silvano Bosari
Clinical Science (2014) 127, 233–242; doi:10.1042/CS20130580

A small organic compound enhances the religation reaction of human topoisomerase I and identifies crucial elements for the religation mechanism
Barbara Arnò, Andrea Coletta, Cinzia Tesauro, Laura Zuccaro, Paola Fiorani, Sara Lentini, Pierluca Galloni, Valeria Conte, Barbara Floris and Alessandro Desideri
Bioscience Reports (2013) 33, e00025; doi:10.1042/BSR20120118

Programmable DNA cleavage in vitro by Cas9
Tautvydas Karvelis, Giedrius Gasiunas and Virginijus Siksnys
Biochemical Society Transactions (2013) 41, 1401–1406; doi:10.1042/BST20130164

The Netherlands
Identification of novel candidate phosphatidic acid-binding proteins involved in the salt-stress response of Arabidopsis thaliana roots
Fionn McLoughlin, Steven A. Arisz, Henk L. Dekker, Gertjan Kramer, Chris G. de Koster, Michel A. Haring, Teun Munnik and Christa Testerink
Biochemical Journal (2013) 450, 573–581; doi:10.1042/BJ20121639

Targeted delivery of miRNA therapeutics for cardiovascular diseases: opportunities and challenges
Rick F. J. Kwekkeboom, Zhiyong Lei, Pieter A. Doevendans, René J. P. Musters and Joost P. G. Sluijter
Clinical Science (2014) 127, 351–365; doi:10.1042/CS20140005

Podcast Conformational stability and activity analysis of two hydroxymethylbilane synthase mutants, K132N and V215E, with different phenotypic association with acute intermittent porphyria
Helene J. Bustad, Marta Vorland, Eva Rønneseth, Sverre Sandberg, Aurora Martinez and Karen Toska
Bioscience Reports (2013) 33, e00056; doi:10.1042/BSR20130045

Mind the gap: cytochrome interactions reveal electron pathways across the periplasm of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1
Bruno M. Fonseca, Catarina M. Paquete, Sónia E. Neto, Isabel Pacheco, Cláudio M. Soares and Ricardo O. Louro
Biochemical Journal (2013) 449, 101–108; doi:10.1042/BJ20121467

Podcast Characterization of the biochemical properties of Campylobacter jejuni RNase III
Nabila Haddad, Margarida Saramago, Rute G. Matos, Hervé Prévost and Cecília M. Arraiano
Bioscience Reports (2013) 33, e00082; doi:10.1042/BSR20130090

Comparison of linear and ring DNA macromolecules moderately and strongly confined in nanochannels
Zuzana Benková and Peter Cifra
Biochemical Society Transactions (2013) 41, 625–629; doi:10.1042/BST20120279


A 32-month follow-up study of nanovesicle concentrations in blood from 12 patients with gastrointestinal stromal tumour treated with imatinib
Eva Ogorevc, Roman Štukelj, Apolonija Bedina-Zavec, Vid Šuštar, Metka Šimundić, Veronika Kralj-Iglič and Rado Janša
Biochemical Society Transactions (2013) 41, 303–308 doi:10.1042/BST20120247

Glucose induces autophagy under starvation conditions by a p38 MAPK-dependent pathway
Jose Félix Moruno-Manchón, Eva Pérez-Jiménez and Erwin Knecht
Biochemical Journal (2013) 449, 497–506; doi:10.1042/BJ20121122

Podcast microRNA-122 down-regulation may play a role in severe myocardial fibrosis in human aortic stenosis through TGF-β1 up-regulation
Javier Beaumont, Begoña López, Nerea Hermida, Blanche Schroen, Gorka San José, Stephane Heymans, Félix Valencia, Juan José Gómez Doblas, Eduardo De Teresa, Javier Díez and Arantxa González
Clinical Science (2014) 126, 497–506; doi:10.1042/CS20130538

Integrin-linked kinase plays a key role in the regulation of angiotensin II-induced renal inflammation
Matilde Alique, Esther Civantos, Elsa Sanchez-Lopez, Carolina Lavoz, Sandra Rayego-Mateos, Raquel Rodrigues-Díez, Ana Belén García-Redondo, Jesús Egido, Alberto Ortiz, Diego Rodríguez-Puyol, Manuel Rodríguez-Puyol and Marta Ruiz-Ortega
Clinical Science (2014) 127, 19–31; doi:10.1042/CS20130412

Promoter analysis of the DHCR24 (3β-hydroxysterol Δ24-reductase) gene: characterization of SREBP (sterol-regulatory-element-binding protein)-mediated activation
Lidia A. Daimiel, María E. Fernández-Suárez, Sara Rodríguez-Acebes, Lorena Crespo, Miguel A. Lasunción, Diego Gómez-Coronado and Javier Martínez-Botas
Bioscience Reports (2013) 33, e00006; doi:10.1042/BSR20120095

Ca2+ enhances Aβ polymerization rate and fibrillar stability in a dynamic manner
Kristoffer Brännström, Anders Öhman, Malin Lindhagen-Persson and Anders Olofsson
Biochemical Journal (2013) 450, 189–197; doi:10.1042/BJ20121583

From archaeon to eukaryote: the evolutionary dark ages of the eukaryotic cell
Joran Martijn and Thijs J. G. Ettema
Biochemical Society Transactions (2013) 41, 451–457; doi:10.1042/BST20120292

Mast cell mediators cause early allergic bronchoconstriction in guinea-pigs in vivo: a model of relevance to asthma
Jason P. Riley, Barbara Fuchs, Lisa Sjöberg, Gunnar P. Nilsson, Lars Karlsson, Sven Erik Dahlén, Navin L. Rao and Mikael Adner
Clinical Science (2013) 125, 533–542; doi:10.1042/CS20130092

Podcast Identification of thyroid hormone response elements in vivo using mice expressing a tagged thyroid hormone receptor α1
Susi Dudazy-Gralla, Kristina Nordström, Peter Josef Hofmann, Dina Abdul Meseh, Lutz Schomburg, Björn Vennström and Jens Mittag
Bioscience Reports (2013) 33, e00027; doi:10.1042/BSR20120124

Palmitoylation, pathogens and their host
Mathieu Blanc, Sanja Blaskovic and F. Gisou van der Goot
Biochemical Society Transactions (2013) 41, 84–88; doi:10.1042/BST20120337

Everolimus is a potent inhibitor of activated hepatic stellate cell functions in vitro and in vivo, while demonstrating anti-angiogenic activities
Anne-Christine Piguet, Syamantak Majumder, Uma Maheshwari, Reji Manjunathan, Uttara Saran, Suvro Chatterjee and Jean-François Dufour
Clinical Science (2014) 126, 775–784; doi:10.1042/CS20130081

Parkin is activated by PINK1-dependent phosphorylation of ubiquitin at Ser65
Agne Kazlauskaite, Chandana Kondapalli, Robert Gourlay, David G. Campbell, Maria Stella Ritorto, Kay Hofmann, Dario R. Alessi, Axel Knebel, Matthias Trost and Miratul M. K. Muqit
Biochemical Journal (2014) 460, 127–139; doi:10.1042/BJ20140334

The anti-inflammatory drug BAY 11-7082 suppresses the MyD88-dependent signalling network by targeting the ubiquitin system
Sam Strickson, David G. Campbell, Christoph H. Emmerich, Axel Knebel, Lorna Plater, Maria Ritorto, Natalia Shpiro and Philip Cohen
Biochemical Journal (2013) 451, 427–437; doi:10.1042/BJ20121651

The ATP synthase: the understood, the uncertain and the unknown
John E. Walker
Biochemical Society Transactions (2013) 41, 1–16; doi:10.1042/BST20110773

In Crohn's disease fibrosis-reduced expression of the miR-29 family enhances collagen expression in intestinal fibroblasts
Anke Nijhuis, Paolo Biancheri, Amy Lewis, Cleo L. Bishop, Paolo Giuffrida, Christopher Chan, Roger Feakins, Richard Poulsom, Antonio Di Sabatino, Gino Roberto Corazza, Thomas T. MacDonald, James O. Lindsay and Andrew R. Silver
Clinical Science (2014) 127, 341–350; doi:10.1042/CS20140048

The ins and outs of fibroblast growth factor receptor signalling
Stacey J. Coleman, Charo Bruce, Athina-Myrto Chioni, Hemant M. Kocher and Richard P. Grose
Clinical Science (2014) 127, 217–231; doi:10.1042/CS20140100

Podcast Analysis of the Sam50 translocase of Excavate organisms supports evolution of divergent organelles from a common endosymbiotic event
Christopher J. Kay, Karen Lawler and Ian D. Kerr
Bioscience Reports (2013) 33, e00084; doi:10.1042/BSR20130049

Genetic and structural validation of Aspergillus fumigatus N-acetylphosphoglucosamine mutase as an antifungal target
Wenxia Fang, Ting Du, Olawale G. Raimi, Ramón Hurtado-Guerrero, Karina Mariño, Adel F. M. Ibrahim, Osama Albarbarawi, Michael A. J. Ferguson, Cheng Jin and Daan M. F. Van Aalten
Bioscience Reports (2013) 33, e00063; doi:10.1042/BSR20130053

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