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2014 Essential Cellular and Molecular Life Science Collection

Highlights for 2014 include:

New site functionality – our academic journals now boast Article Usage Metrics, Mobile-optimized access and Google-powered search functionality to improve the end-user experience!

Biochemical Journal – our longest standing core life-science journal has an Impact Factor of 4.897* which is higher than some of the journal’s closest competitors!

Bioscience Reports – Converted to open access in 2012 with an increasing Impact Factor of 2.379.
NEW ARCHIVE PRODUCT: Bioscience Reports digital archive is now available as a subscription or outright purchase legacy product.

Clinical Science – A multi-disciplinary international journal at the interface of clinical research and discovery science, Clinical Science continues to ascend the top 20% of the ISI Medicine (Research and Experimental) category. With an Impact Factor 4.859* – this journal provides authoritative reviews, hypotheses and research papers addressing the biology of human health and disease.
NEW ARCHIVE PRODUCT: the digital archive of over 40 years can now be acquired as a subscription or outright purchase product.

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