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Rights and permissions


For terms and conditions for online usage of journals published by Portland Press Ltd, please visit the following websites:
Biochemical Journal
Biochemical Society Transactions
Clinical Science
Essays in Biochemistry
Biochemical Society Symposia
Bioscience Reports
Cell Signalling Biology

Licensing enquiries


The guidelines below refer to articles published in the following journals, published by Portland Press Limited:

Biochemical Journal Cell Signalling Biology
Biochemical Society Symposia Clinical Science
Biochemical Society Transactions Essays in Biochemistry
Bioscience Reports The Biochemist

Authors of articles published in the above journals

Authors do NOT usually need to contact Portland Press Limited to request permission to reuse their own material, as long as the material is properly credited to the original publication. It is usual to provide the citation of the original publication thus:

“This research was originally published in Journal Name. Author(s), Title. Journal Name. Year; Volume: pp-pp © copyright holder”

The copyright holder for each publication is as follows:

© the Biochemical Society © Portland Press Limited
Biochemical Journal Cell Signalling Biology
Biochemical Society Symposia
Biochemical Society Transactions
Bioscience Reports
Clinical Science
Essays in Biochemistry
The Biochemist

Provided the original publication of the article, or portion of the article, is properly cited, Authors retain the following non-exclusive rights:

  1. To reproduce their article in whole or in part in any printed volume (book or thesis) of which they are the Author or Editor
  2. To reproduce their article in whole or in part at the Author's current academic institution for teaching purposes
  3. To reuse figures, tables, illustrations or photos from the article in commercial or non-commercial works created by them
  4. To post a copy of the Immediate Publication (i.e. the Accepted Manuscript*) at the Author's Institutional Repository, 6 months after publication, provided that this is linked to the article on the journal website (e.g. through the DOI).

In addition, authors of Opt2Pay articles, or authors of articles published in our open access journal Bioscience Reports, may post the Version of Record** to their institutional repository. Portland Press Limited will deposit the Version of Record in PubMed Central on behalf of the author, where applicable.

Requests for non-commercial use

Other parties wishing to use reuse an article in whole or in part for educational purposes (e.g. in lectures or tutorials) may do so at no cost providing the original source is attributed, as outlined above.

You may also reproduce an article in whole or in part in your thesis at no cost providing the original source is attributed.

If you wish to copy and distribute an article in whole for teaching (e.g. in a course pack), please contact your librarian who will advise you on the various clearance options available.

STM Permission Guidelines

Portland Press Limited is a signatory of the STM Permission Guidelines, which aims to reduce the administration involved in clearing permissions.

Publishers who are also signatories to the STM Permission Guidelines may re-use work published in Portland Press Limited journals, without contacting us, as long as the work is appropriately used and attributed as stated in the Guidelines.

All other usage requests, including Books

For all other requests please download and complete the permission request form and send by email or fax to:

(e) permissions@portlandpress.com
(f) +44 (0) 20 7685 2469

*Accepted Manuscript – (also known as Immediate Publication) - the version of the article that has been accepted for publication and includes the revisions made following Peer Review.

**Version of Record - the version of the article, after processes such as copyediting, proof corrections, layout and typesetting have been applied.

Please see the NISO/ALPSP guidelines for a full description of these terms.

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Editorial enquiries
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