Operation of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants - MOP 11, 6th Edition

New ISBN 9780071543675
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Format: Hardback
Pages: 2016
Price: GBP173.00
Date Published: January 2007
Published by: Water Environment Federation

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This newly revised edition integrates the experiences, current practices, and innovations from thousands of wastewater treatment plants. Updated to reflect the latest trends, regulations and technologies, this three-volume, hard-cover manual aims to be the principal reference source for beginners or veterans in the wastewater field. Updates to the Sixth Edition include information related to the evolution of the Clean Water Act, changes in financing, advances in wastewater treatment technology such as membrane and microfiltration and ultrafiltration, and environmental management systems; a focus on Pretreatment Program requirements; new safety material on parasites; expanded recordkeeping information related to risk management, regulation updates, and information technology integration and security; information on additional sensors and personnel protection and security; updated pumping information, recognizing improvements in pump driver and control technologies, and computerized systems; information on condition-based maintenance; updated odor control methods and technologies; new examples of standard operating procedures; review of current outsourcing options; a different approach to training development; new sections on vortex grit chambers and screening presses; new expanded discussions on primary sludge fermentation, enhanced primary treatment, dissolved air flotation primary systems, and combined grit removal/primary treatment processes; a complete rewrite of the nutrient removal chapter; disinfection-related safety and security information; discussion of final disposition of biosolids and associated costs; information on digestion pretreatment technologies, advanced digestion processes, regulatory issues associated with anaerobic digestion, and an expanded section on gas cleaning technologies; new performance requirements for beneficial reuse, resulting in techniques that improve the process performance of aerobic digestion

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