IP TMM- Hydrocarbon Management Volume 3.00
Part II: Tank calibration. Section 1:

New ISBN 9780852932285
Old ISBN 0852932286
Format: Paperback
Price: GBP105.00
Date Published: January 1999
Published by: Energy Institute

The static measurement of bulk quantities of oil stored in tanks is dependent on the calibration of the tanks. Any errors made in the calibration and any systematic errors in tank calibration tables may result in very large cumulative losses or gains throughout the long period of time in which the tables remain in force.This new Petroleum Measurement Manual details three calibration methods that have been drawn up to provide an accuracy consistent with the most stringent requirements and the procedures and equipment described represent the minimum requirements to achieve an acceptable level of measurement uncertainty. The three methods that are described are calibration by strapping (which is the measurement of external circumference using a strapping tape), calibration by direct measurement of the internal diameter of the tank using a tape and calibration by measurement of internal diameter using an offset measurement method. These methods are for tanks having cylindrical courses that are substantially vertical and it is assumed that any deformation of the tank is within limits set by recognised National or International Construction Standards.This new measurement has been prepared for international use and provides vital information for all those involved with the calibration of vertical cylindrical tanks.

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