Application of Control of Substances Hazardous to Health requirements for carcinogens at oil refineries and terminals

New ISBN 9780852932339
Old ISBN 0852932332
Format: Paperback
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Date Published: September 1998
Published by: Energy Institute

Refineries are complex installations which normally consist of a series of process units, with supporting storage tanks, waste treatment plants, boiler and power plants, engineering and maintenance workshops, as well as laboratory, kitchen and office facilities etc. A large variety of products, by-products, intermediates, chemicals, catalysts and refinery streams can be received, produced, tested and/or stored at such locations. Some of these can be classified as carcinogens, or contain carcinogen classified materials.

The aim of this document is to provide guidance on the health protection aspects of the handling of carcinogenic materials, in accordance with COSHH Regulations 1994 SI 3246, and associated approved codes of practice. The guidance includes risk assessment, monitoring exposures and processes, health surveillance, control, information, instruction and training, and advice for contractors. Essential reading for health and safety managers, occupational physicians, refinery and terminal managers, contractors, and all those concerned with health issues in the industry.

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