Guidelines Calc of Estimates of Energy Use and Gaseous Emissions in the Decommissioning of Off Shore Structures

New ISBN 9780852932551
Old ISBN 0852932553
Format: Paperback
Price: GBP108.00
Date Published: March 2000
Published by: Energy Institute

These new guidelines are intended to represent an overview of 'best practice' with regard to the assessment of gross energy use and emissions, as well as being a practical help in standardizing the calculation and presentation of data.The guidelines include: a framework of the different stages in the completion of an energy estimate; a checklist of the major sources of energy use and emissions; a description of the boundaries of calculations; tables showing the range and referred values for energy use and emissions, and a worked example of a complete calculation, together with an example of how the results can be clearly presented.The guidelines will be of use to operators, contractors, consultants and all other parties seeking to obtain accurate and objective estimates of energy use and gaseous emissions relating to the decommissioning of offshore structures.

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