Guidelines for the design and safe operation of shell and tube heat exchangers to withstand the impact of tube failure

New ISBN 9780852932865
Old ISBN 0852932863
Format: Paperback
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Date Published: October 2000
Published by: Energy Institute

These guidelines are of particular interest to all those concerned with the design and operation of shell and tube heat exchangers containing high pressure gas which is either heated or cooled by a low pressure utility fluid. The publication provides guidance to take account of any possible catastrophic tube failure. Where the integrity of the low-pressure side of the exchanger is protected by over-pressure protection devices it is important to ensure these are located so that they operate effectively before pressures are generated that could damage the pressure envelope.Such systems may be designed with the assistance of one-dimensional dynamic computer models. To date, these models have had little support for their accuracy.

Through a series of research projects co-ordinated by the Institute of Petroleum and by gathering industry good working practice for safe design, the engineer will now have increased confidence and an understanding of these tools and their strengths and weaknesses.The research studies were carried out in phases, culminating in a Joint Industry Project involving a number of companies and organisations. These investigations were only possible due to the combined interests of the participants and their contribution is acknowledged. Although it has not been possible to validate the computer models, the results included in these guidelines do give indicative support to the methodology of the computer simulations and to the suitability of the approach.These guidelines have been written primarily for application to shell and tube heat exchangers for service offshore on the UK continental shelf. However, many of the recommendations may also apply to other parts of the world, or to equivalent exchangers onshore in refinery and petrochemical service.

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