Planning for the use of oil spill dispersants

New ISBN 9780852933169
Old ISBN 0852933169
Format: Paperback
Price: GBP105.00
Date Published: February 2001
Published by: Energy Institute

This is the third edition of the IPÆs Guidelines on oil spill dispersants, which were originally published in 1979. This new edition has been produced to take account of recent advances in research and development work on the use of oil spill dispersants.This new publication is intended to help managers (for example Health and Safety Managers) plan for the use of dispersants as part of their response to an oil spill at sea. The guidelines are based upon general principles that are applicable worldwide. They build on the IMO/UNEP Guidelines on oil spill dispersant application (IMO, 1995), but are illustrated with specific examples and the regulatory framework from the UK. A companion document Operational guidelines on the use of oil spill dispersants concentrating on the practical steps needed to implement a dispersant response is also to be published by the IP.

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