Testing of Vapour Containment on Petroleum Road Tankers

New ISBN 9780852933183
Old ISBN 0852933185
Format: Paperback
Price: GBP81.00
Date Published: April 2001
Published by: Energy Institute

This important new publication provides protocols to define a practical means of satisfying Clauses 31 and 34 of the UK HSE Approved Tank Requirements, which implement the design and testing of road tanker requirements to comply with European Directive 94/63/EC for the control of the emissions of volatile organic compounds.The publication specifies a test procedure for determining the maximum number of tanker compartments that can be loaded simultaneously without causing any loss of vapour through the pressure and vacuum breather vents. The second section of the publication provides a test procedure to enable the vapour tightness (leakproofness) of a tank compartment to be determined.Testing of vapour containment on petroleum road tankers will be of particular use to all those involved in the design, manufacture, operation, maintenance and inspection of petroleum road tankers.It is understood that vapour tightness testing in accordance with the protocols in this publication is likely to be required by the Major Oil Companies Safe Loading Pass Scheme.

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