Petroleum Measurement Manual Part XVI: Procedures for oil cargo measurements by cargo surveyors. Section 1: Crude oil

New ISBN 9780852933343
Old ISBN 0852933347
Format: Paperback
Price: GBP104.00
Date Published: May 2001
Published by: Energy Institute

This document provides systematic cargo measurement procedures for use by cargo inspectors. The points at which cargo inspectors are required to make their measurements are described and full descriptions of the terms used throughout the document are provided. Whenever possible, terms approved by the IP and ISO/TC28 have been adopted.This publication also considers the purpose of a cargo inspection and summarizes general responsibilities which cargo inspectors will be held to accept when they are appointed. Safety matters and related responsibilities are defined and emphasis is placed on the need for cargo inspectors to be continually conscious that safety requirements take precedence over all other considerations.The document describes the detailed procedures which inspectors should follow and provides references to related analytical test methods and calculations. Reference is made to alternative methods since the procedures recognize that within the industry opinions may vary regarding the use of test methods especially where different methods may be specified by parties and contractors.

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