VOC emission control and its costs

New ISBN 9780852933381
Old ISBN 085293338X
Format: Paperback
Price: GBP44.00
Date Published: June 2001
Published by: Energy Institute

This new report form the Institute of Petroleum which assesses the impact of the Gothenburg Protocol and National Emissions Ceilings Directive on VOC emission control in the UK petrochemical Sector. This is a key issue impacting on all aspects of industry operations, from production through to refining and distribution and is likely to remain a key issue as attention continues to focus on ozone over the next few years.The report provides a high level view of the background to legislation and discusses the most recent forecasts for VOC emissions within the UK, assessing in particular the likely costs of achieving legislative targets for the petrochemical sector. It highlights the lack of contemporary cost effectiveness data for VOC controls within the UK. The importance of ensuring the technical and economic veracity of the CommissionÆs BREF Notes under IPPC, which will also form the basis of enabling legislation determining emissions limits well into the future, is also stressed.

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