Petroleum Measurement Paper No 9 The performance of turbine meters in loading gantries A review of proving and test data

New ISBN 9780852933435
Old ISBN 0852933436
Format: Paperback
Price: GBP63.00
Date Published: August 2001
Published by: Energy Institute

Supplement to Petroleum Measurement Manual, Part X Meter Proving, Section 10 Part X, Section 10, of the Petroleum Measurement Manual specifies the procedures for proving turbine meters in road or rail loading gantry installations. The procedures are based on those employed for proving positive displacement meters, but make allowance for the special requirements of turbine meters. Many of the problems associated with the use of turbine meters in the limited space available and with the variations of pipework in gantry installations, have been appreciated for some time. The magnitude of the effects and the actions that may be taken to mitigate them are less well understood. Industry has generated a significant amount of data on the performance of turbine meters, both through special test programmes and through routine proving. This Petroleum Measurement Paper presents data derived from this work (made available by the oil companies involved) and from research programmes sponsored by the IP, to provide the basis for the proving recommendations. Summaries of the results are presented and discussed below under three separate headings: À Data derived from routine proving operations.À Data generated during field tests or trials.À Data produced in flow laboratory tests or other tests under controlled conditions.

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