HM18 Sect 10 Rec. UK Pract. Proving

New ISBN 9780852933442
Old ISBN 0852933444
Format: Paperback
Price: GBP75.00
Date Published: August 2001
Published by: Energy Institute

It is important that a gantry meter is reading accurately and to comply with regulations, it is necessary to carry out periodically a test or series of tests in which the meterÆs readings are compared with proving equipment that is traceable to national standards. This Part of the Petroleum Measurement Manual describes procedures applicable to turbine gantry meters (road and rail) proved by reference meter or volumetric proving tank. The primary objective of this Manual is to promote uniformity and consistency both in the proving of gantry meters and in the interpretation of the results. Reference should also be made to Petroleum Measurement Paper No 9: The Performance of Turbine Meters in Loading Gantries û A Review of Proving and Test Data.

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