Research Project Phase 2 Tests products other gas oil

New ISBN 9780852933497
Old ISBN 0852933495
Format: Paperback
Price: GBP35.00
Date Published: September 2001
Published by: Energy Institute

This report describes the second phase of an Institute of Petroleum sponsored technical development project undertaken by SGS Redwood. The project looked at the performance of various types of meters in loading gantry installations. During the first phase, a PD meter, a straight-bladed turbine meter, a helically bladed turbine meter and a Coriolis meter were tested on gas oil.During the second phase, the same meters were tested using motor spirit, kerosene and ULSD to check the accuracy of the practice of using gas oil and æmotor spirit substitutesÆ to calibrate reference meters and then apply a fixed meter factor correction for Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and Unleaded Petrol. The project also looked at the effects of the changes in the specification of motor spirit on the performance of PD meters employed as reference and gantry meters.This report will be of particular interest to anyone involved in calibrating reference meters and meter proving.

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