Inland Waters Oil Spill Response

New ISBN 9780852933855
Old ISBN 0852933851
Format: Paperback
Price: GBP127.00
Date Published: September 2003
Published by: Energy Institute

These new Guidelines were developed jointly by the Institute of Petroleum and the Environment Agency for England and Wales. Oil spills on surface water can originate from a variety of sources, including industrial and domestic installations, pipelines, road tankers, storage tanks and shipping incidents. These new Guidelines summarise some of the strategies open to a response team under a range of different circumstances. Priorities are assigned to the various necessary actions, taking into account the Health and Safety aspects of the response. Consideration is also given to the threats to natural, industrial and amenity resources.

The methods available for the containment and recovery of oil are summarised, and their strengths and weaknesses listed. Emphasis is given to the need for good co-operation with Local and National resource groups, in order that an integrated clean-up system is implemented, and the most effective use of equipment and manpower is made. The Guidelines also include sectionscovering the temporary storage of recovered oil and oily debris, as well as briefly describing its disposal and the eventual restoration of the spill site.

The Guidelines take account of current United Kingdom, European and US technology, and make essential reading for anyone involved in the practical aspects of the clean-up of inland oil spills on surface waters.

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