Can Mobile phone communications ignite petroleum vapour?

New ISBN 9780852934012
Old ISBN 0852934017
Format: Paperback
Price: GBP108.00
Date Published: June 2003
Published by: Energy Institute

These proceedings provide a full record of the Technical Seminar held to investigate the ignition risk posed by mobile phones at petrol service stations. Reports of fires allegedly caused by mobile phones had been circulating for some time prior to the Seminar held on 11 March 2002, but no technical information was available to support such reports. The Seminar was convened to discuss the results of scienti. c research and investigations into this issue.

Speakers at the IP Seminar presented details of recent research programmes, including those undertaken by the Center for the Study of Wireless Electromagnetic Compatibility at the University of Oklahoma, and the Department of Fire Technology at SouthWest Research Institute. The Seminar included a review of radio frequency-induced sparking and the possibility of electro-static discharges occurring from hand-sets. It was concluded by a review of the facts behind some of the ignition incidents allegedly caused by mobile phones.

The bound proceedings contain all ten technical papers presented at the Seminar, together with discussion sessions on the day. A free CD-Rom accompanies the hard copy proceedings. The proceedings will be of interest to those involved in the operation of installations handling flammable fluids and in telecommunications, specifically mobile phone design, manufacture and promotion.

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