Electrostatic discharges in two inch fuel filter monitors Phase 2: Properties needed to control discharges

New ISBN 9780852934081
Old ISBN 0852934084
Format: Paperback
Price: GBP68.00
Date Published: February 2004
Published by: Energy Institute

This report documents an investigation commissioned by the Energy Institute's Aviation Committee to develop recommendations for the resistance characteristics of 50 mm (two inch) nominal diameter aviation fuel filter monitor elements. The resistance characteristics have been deemed to be required to dissipate electrostatic charge safely without generating incendive or damaging discharges.

This investigation forms Phase 2 of the study of electrostatic discharge in fi lter monitors, the first Phase having been published in October 2002 as IP Research Report Electrostatic discharges in two inch aviation fuel filter monitors.

The findings of this investigation will be of interest to all those involved in aviation fuel handling operations and filter monitor manufacture and supply worldwide.

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