Hydrocarbon Management (HM 31) : Guide to hydrocarbon management in petroleum refinery operations

New ISBN 9780852934159
Old ISBN 0852934157
Price: GBP117.00
Date Published: May 2004
Published by: Energy Institute

Essential reading for everyone concerned with the effi cient running of refi nery operations, including those responsible for containing and reducing environmental impact, the management and motivation of the work-force, and accounting and loss control.

Good management of hydrocarbons can offer signifi cant cost savings for the operator and assist in reducing environmental impact. This new document focuses on current best practice in the areas of operation, accounting, hydrocarbon measurement and loss control. The techniques described are proven, practical and effective.

A large part of the new Guide is dedicated to the principles and effects of measurement on the accounts (yield) figures and an understanding of the errors and inaccuracies that may be involved. This should in turn lead to better management of the hydrocarbon inventory. The Guide also discusses the other influences that are important in hydrocarbon management, such as personal motivation and management commitment, and how these may be influenced by internal company factors and by external legislation constraints.

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