UK oil refining and the atmospheric emission of dioxins

New ISBN 9780852934296
Old ISBN 0852934297
Format: Paperback
Pages: 34
Price: GBP63.00
Date Published: April 2005
Published by: Energy Institute

Essential reading for everyone involved in policy development and lobbying this briefing paper is a synthesis of material in the public domain, compiled to inform the non-expert about a group of trace pollutants collectively referred to as ‘dioxins’ or PCDDs/PCDFs (Polychlorodibenzo-para-dioxins/ dibenzofurans). The paper begins by reviewing their chemistryformation and adverse health effects and then proceeds to evaluate, at the national and refinery level, sources, emissions and regulatory policy. The paper concludes with a short section on emissions monitoring.

Until recently dioxins were thought to be a problem only because of their presence as contaminants of certain industrial and agricultural chemicals. Over the last 30 years or so, there has been an enormous increase in the sensitivity of analytical techniques used to measure dioxins and these contaminants can now be detected at extremely low levels which were previously too low to measure. It is now clear that dioxins are widely distributed in the environment, albeit at exceptionally low concentrations, and that they are produced not just as by-products of chemical manufacture but also as common products of combustion. The paper is targeted at those engaged in policy development and lobbying.

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