Corrosion Threats Handbook

New ISBN 9780852934968
Price: GBP45.00
Date Published: June 2008
Published by: Energy Institute

Corrosion threats handbook - Upstream oil and gas production plant is a concise and handy sized A6 reference tool, designed to raise awareness and assist key managers and engineers on corrosion issues in their day to day jobs. The main corrosion threats for process and utility systems in oil and gas production facilities are identified through a series of process diagrams. For each specified corrosion threat, examples of degradation morphologies, typical causes, where to look and ways to mitigate are all noted in an easy reference format.

This is an essential handbook for all process support personnel tasked with the day to day management and maintenance of corrosion issues and provides an excellent way to raise awareness amongst key managers and engineers who are less familiar with these issues.

The A5 version is currently out of stock, if you wish to make a bulk purchase contact pubs@energyinst.org.uk.

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