The 19th International Oil Field Chemistry Symposium 9-12 March 2008, Norway

New ISBN 9780852935033
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Date Published: April 2008
Published by: Energy Institute

KEYNOTE: Wax Flow Assurance Issues in Gas Condensate Multiphase Flowlines
- A case history and mechanistic issues

1 Handling Wax Deposition in a 116 km Sub-Sea, Single Phase Condensate Pipeline

2 Live' Wax Appearance Measurements - Using 'Real Data' to Strip out Conservatism in Pipeline Design

3 Performance of the Activated Surfactants Solvent System on Improving Oil Recovery for Sandstone in Porous Media and its Inhibition in Crude Oil

4 Mud Acid Stimulation to Remove Near Wellbore Formation Damage due to Kaolinite Mobilization, Oseberg Sør

5 Impact of Treatment Fluid on Well Performance - Operation Review, Simulation Analyses and Remedial Field Implementation

6 A Novel Approach on Wax Inhibitor Qualification

7 Wax Deposition Measurement and Simulation

8 Tie-in Solutions and Asphaltene Precipitation Potential

9 An Overview of Scale Inhibitor Detection Techniques and Some Recent Advances in Detection Methods for Mixtures of Polymeric Scale Inhibitors in Produced Brines that Enable Improved Scale Management in Sub Sea and Deep Water Fields

10 Use of Naphthenate Flow Rigs for in situ Demulsifier Testing

11 The Formation and Control of Iron Scale in a MEG Regeneration System Hua Guan, George Col, M-I Production Chemicals, UK

12 Hydrate inhibitor Testing in the SINTEF Multicell System for Sleipner Condensate and Two Black Oil Systems

13 Hydrate Agglomeration and Deposition Studies

14 Precipitation of FeCO3 in MEG/Water Mixtures

15 CaCO3 Scale Formation: Visual Observations in 2D Model Pore Networks and Precipitation Kinetics during Core Flooding

16 Managing the Inorganic Scale Challenge in Talisman's Varg Field

17 A Scale Inhibitor Chemistry Developed for Downhole Squeeze Treatments in a Water Sensitive and HTHP Reservoir

18 Modelling of Chemical Placement in Fractured Reservoirs

19 Conditions under which Anhydrite Precipitation can occur in Oil Reservoirs as a Result of Seawater Injection

20 Is Oilfield Souring Impacted by Minerals and Mineralization?

21 Radial Core Flood Placement Tests

22 The Development and Performance Testing of a Novel Biodegradable Barium Sulphate Scale Dissolver

23 Development of Biodegradable combination Scale/corrosion Inhibitor(s) for Subsea Application(s) via an Umbilical

24 Pure Water Pure Pollution

25 Development of a New Class of Green Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitors

Poster / Alternates

1 Development of A Novel Salt Inhibitor

3 Low Environmental Impact Asphaltene Inhbitors

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