Code of Practice for Entry into Undergro

New ISBN 9780852935040
Format: Paperback
Price: GBP75.00
Date Published: May 2008
Published by: Energy Institute

This new publication has been prepared to disseminate procedures for the safe entry of personnel into underground storage tanks at filling stations. It is intended to apply in situations where it is not reasonably practical to carry out the work by another means that avoids tank entry by personnel.

This code provides information on safety procedures and good practice methods for tank entry whilst referencing relevant health and safety legislation, particularly that pertaining to entry into confined spaces, hazardous atmospheres and dangerous substances.

It takes into account current UK legislation and regulations, codes of practice and industry procedures. It provides information that is intended to assist contractors to carry out such entry in a safe and legal manner and to prevent incidents and accidents.

Whilst written to be applicable specifically in the UK, including references to UK legislation and regulations, the principles can similarly be applied in other countries providing national and local statutory requirements are complied with.

This code should be considered as being complementary to EI Model code of safe practice Part 16: Tank cleaning safety code, which applies to bulk storage tanks encountered at petroleum refineries, installations, depots or terminals.

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