Guidelines for managing inspection of ex-electrical equipment

New ISBN 9780852935132
Price: GBP127.00
Date Published: November 2008
Published by: Energy Institute

Inspection of Ex electrical equipment is critical to assuring the continuing integrity of the types of protection that enable its use in potentially flammable atmospheres. This new EI technical publication provides guidance on managing the ignition risks of Ex electrical equipment located in such hazardous areas. This is mapped against a safety management system (SMS) framework.

This new title assists users in the continuing management of ignition risk by assuring continuing integrity of Ex electrical equipment type of protection as inspection should identify faults such as corrosion, vibration, inadequate equipment selection etc. It should assist in improving the quality of inspections and, over time, improve the service performance of Ex electrical equipment during its life cycle.

The document promotes the adoption of risk-based inspection (RBI) principles to inspection of Ex electrical equipment – this should result in high risk Ex electrical equipment being inspected more rigorously (i.e. frequency of inspection) than lower risk items. A detailed methodology that takes into account ‘as low as reasonable practical’ (ALARP) principles develops the RBI concept further.

These guidelines set out what is generally regarded in the industry as good practice and will assist all those with responsibilities associated with meeting the requirements of pertinent legislation, regulations and standards.

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