Implications of biofuels on microbial spoilage and corrosion within the fuel distribution chain and end use

New ISBN 9780852935149
Format: Paperback
Price: GBP64.00
Date Published: June 2008
Published by: Energy Institute

Recent EU regulations allowing the use of biofuels have not fully considered the potential adverse impact of microbial activity in distribution, storage and end use. These impacts may cause significant implications for fuel quality and stability and also on the integrity of distribution and storage infrastructure. However, there is substantial evidence that some problems resulting from microbial activity in biofuels are already occurring.

This new publication from the EI reviews the current knowledge base, including technical research and operator experience, in order that an informed judgement can be made on the existing and potential impact of microbiologically related problems in fuel distribution and supply when associated with a more widespread use of biofuel.

Following the identification of knowledge gaps and subsequent recommendations from this literature review, a microbiology laboratory study will be commissioned to analyse test blends of biodiesel and bioethanol. Proposals for future laboratory investigations are also included in this report.

This new title will be of particular interest to all those involved in fuel quality, fuel storage, supply chain systems and end use, where biofuels are being transported, stored or used.

1st ed

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