Guidance for the storage and handling of fuel grade ethanol at petroleum distribution installations

New ISBN 9780852935163
Price: GBP88.00
Date Published: April 2008
Published by: Energy Institute

This new publication has been produced in response to the requirement for road fuel suppliers to ensure that a target percentage of their total road fuel sales are biofuels (as mandated in the UK by the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligations, implementing European Directive 2003/30/EC).

With specific regard to gasoline, the key way to help reach the biofuel target is by blending relatively low percentages of bioethanol with base gasoline, e.g 5 % ethanol with 95 % gasoline in a blend known as E5.

This publication provides information on the properties of fuel grade ethanol, and describes the preferred practice of blending with gasoline at the road distribution terminal. It provides guidance on the facilities and measures needed to manage the receipt, storage and handling, denaturing and blending of bioethanol.

It is an essential reference for operators of distribution installations, both in the UK, and elsewhere internationally where fuel grade ethanol and E5 are being handled.

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