Guidance on investigating and analysing human and organisational factors aspects of incidents and accidents

New ISBN 9780852935217
Format: Paperback
Price: GBP12.00
Date Published: June 2008
Published by: Energy Institute

This new publication has been prepared as a guide to good human and organisational factors analysis in incident and accident investigations. It will assist all those who are involved in an incident investigation or analysis either as the lead investigator or part of the supporting team.

Many energy sector, petroleum and allied industry businesses investigate both incidents and accidents, whether these have process safety/major hazards potential or occupational safety potential only. However, in these investigations, human factors issues are generally not well addressed.

The guidance contained in this publication:
* will help the reader to learn more about organisational root causes of incidents and accidents,
* describes the elements of a good human and organisational factors investigation of an incident or an accident, and
* describes available incident and accident investigation methods that can identify human and organisational elements of incidents (whether occupational or major hazards).

The information provided has been devised for use by the experienced or novice user although it should be of most value to those who have experience in health and safety issues.

This document is free online at www.energyinstpubs.org.uk

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