IP SAFE- Stge & dist Volume 6.00
Code of practice for a product identification system for petroleum products - 6th ed

New ISBN 9780852935255
Price: GBP67.00
Date Published: November 2008
Published by: Energy Institute

Essential reading for all those responsible for, and involved in, the storage and handling of petroleum products downstream from refinery process plants, the product identification system provides a common industry approach to help avoid confusion between grades, which could result in cross-over and consequent contamination of product. It is recommended that all personnel who handle products should be competent in use of this product identification system.

The Code meets the substance labelling and marking requirements of the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996, the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 and the Biofuel (Labelling) Regulations 2004.

This is the sixth edition of the Code, which was last published in August 2004. Changes have been made to the fifth edition to account for new product grades required by EC Directive 2003/17/EC, introducing a schedule for deleting obsolete identifiers, and providing common identifiers for fuels post January 1st 2009 where low sulfur content (<10 ppm) will be compulsory. Additionally, new identifiers have been introduced for unblended bio components (e.g. ethanol, FAME), high blend biofuels (e.g. E85, B50) and ultra low sulfur diesel for use by non-road machinery and agricultural and forestry tractors.

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