Code of practice for petroleum road tanker vapour collection systems and equipment used in unloading operations

New ISBN 9780852935262
Price: GBP67.00
Date Published: January 2009
Published by: Energy Institute

This code provides recommendations pertaining to the design and operation of road tanker equipment for the safe and efficient transfer of gases (including petrol vapour) during the delivery operation between a filling station and a road tanker. In particular, it provides guidance for tanker control system design, vapour transfer hose(s) and fittings, inter-operability of vapour transfer hose connections including self-sealing valves, and a model procedure for deliveries involving vapour collection. The recommendations in this code can be applied to new and existing road tanker vapour collection systems.

In developing this code, consideration has been given to a number of tanker system designs used in service, general process safety recommendations and the specific UK legal requirements on road tanker operators to operate tankers that have vapour collection systems. This is a key publication for all road tanker operators and those involved in road tanker deliveries.

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