Guidelines for physical capability and functional capacity requirements for emergency response team members

New ISBN 9780852935323
Format: Paperback
Price: GBP35.00
Date Published: January 2010
Published by: Energy Institute

At oil and gas industry plant and facilities there is a risk of fire and explosions. Therefore it is necessary to have made arrangements for an effective response in the event of an emergency. One aspect of this is a trained emergency response team (ERT). The roles of ERT members will vary and may require members to engage in significant physical activity suddenly and without warning, whilst working in a variety of potentially stressful environmental conditions, sometimes for long hours. Such activities are likely to put additional physiological burdens on the individual and therefore require higher standards of medical fitness.

Produced by the EI's Health Technical Committee to provide guidance to occupational physicians working in the international oil and gas industry, these guidelines address the fitness requirements for ERT members who have a designated role in addition to their normal duties at either onshore or offshore facilities. The guidelines are based on current evidence and are concordant with current occupational health best practice. They are not applicable for those with full time fire response duties.

This document will be of interest to occupational physicians and safety managers working in the oil and gas industry.

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