Research report: Viability of using direct toxicit

New ISBN 9780852935828
Format: Paperback
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Date Published: November 2010
Published by: Energy Institute

This project was initiated following a request from the Environment Agency (EA) that the toxicity levels of petroleum refinery effluents be assessed using direct toxicity assessment (DTA) to determine if the use of this technique was warranted for this sector.


The project comprised of two main components:


  • A desk-based review of the petroleum refining sector and,
  • A pilot study undertaking DTA testing on three effluent outfalls selected from two petroleum refineries.


This research report summarises this project and investigates the viability of using DTA for the UK petroleum refinery sector.


It will be of particular interest to environmental specialists that advise, regulate or work in the petroleum refinery sector, or kindred industry sectors.

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