Research report: Human factors performance indicators for the energy and related process industries

New ISBN 9780852935873
Format: Paperback
Price: GBP18.00
Date Published: December 2010
Published by: Energy Institute

This research report proposes ways the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) human factors key topics may be measured and sets out a process for identifying relevant performance indicators (PIs).


The measurement of safety performance using retrospective (lagging) indicators and leading indicators is common in many industries, particularly where behavioural safety systems have been implemented. However, their use in monitoring and managing major accident hazards (MAH) safety performance is a developing area. In general, the literature in this area focuses on the technical matters of process safety rather than the human factors that also need to be managed.


This report sets out the current thinking on safety PIs and the processes used to ensure appropriate indicators are selected. It proceeds to describe how human factors are monitored within industry using the findings from a literature appraisal, a joint industry workshop, and direct consultation with users of PIs.


This research will be of particular interest to managers and safety specialists in the energy and related process industries that are seeking to understand how well they manage the human factors that affect the potential for a major accident.

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