HM 68: Procedures for bulk liquid fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) and blended biodiesel cargo inspections

New ISBN 9780852936092
Format: Paperback
Price: GBP104.00
Date Published: October 2011
Published by: Energy Institute

This document provides procedures for minimising cargo contamination and losses. It will be for use primarily by cargo inspectors and should be considered as a summary of best practices used within the industry.


The document is applicable to bulk liquid fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) for use as fuel (FAME, biodiesel or B100) and blends of these materials with petroleum-derived fuel cargoes (blended biodiesel).


In addition to describing the detailed procedures which inspectors are required to follow, the document provides references to the appropriate analytical test methods and calculations. Reference is made to alternative methods and the procedures recognise that, within the industry, opinions may vary regarding the different methods which may be specified, depending on the principal(s) and the contract.


The document has been prepared with the cooperation of FOSFA, whose contracts require that the cargo is controlled by accredited superintendents to ensure that the FOSFA qualifications and operational procedures are followed.

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