Fitness assessment instruction manual + CD ROM

New ISBN 9780852936139
Format: Paperback
Price: GBP75.00
Date Published: July 2011
Published by: Energy Institute

This publication is a practical instructional manual to assist with the administration of the recommendations in the EI’s A recommended fitness standard for the oil and gas industry (2011). It provides oil and gas industry (OGI) assessors with the knowledge and understanding necessary to conduct fitness assessments of potential and existing OGI employees.


It gives assessments for the most physically demanding tasks within the OGI, including manual handling, opening and closing valves, climbing ladders, emergency evacuation and survival training.


This publication utilises two types of test to assess fitness within the OGI:

·        Predictive selection tests (PST)

These have 'pass/borderline/fail' categories and use basic fitness equipment to predict the performance required to complete an essential task.

·        Direct task simulation (DTS)

These have 'pass/fail' categories and use standard OGI equipment to simulate the performance required to complete an essential task.


The tests are designed to ensure that OGI employees have, and maintain, a baseline level of fitness that is sufficient to safely perform and withstand the essential tasks associated with working in the OGI.


This publication includes a free CD Rom containing MP3 files useful for the Tecumseh step test and stair climbing test. It will be of particular interest to occupational therapists and other health specialists working in the oil and gas industry, as well as allied process industry sectors.

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