International Standard Units for Water and Wastewater Processes

New ISBN 9781572782686
Format: Paperback
Pages: 108
Price: GBP27.75
Date Published: February 2011
Published by: Water Environment Federation

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Published jointly by WEF, AWWA, and IWA, the updated 4th edition of this manual continues its goal to establish units of expression that are universally understandable and readily comparable for all design, operation, and performance factors. The manual was written for engineering professionals familiar with water and wastewater treatment concepts, the design process, and the regulatory basis for water and wastewater control. The manual reflects current design practices of water and wastewater engineering professionals and focuses on particular sectors of the water and wastewater industry including: • units used with water treatment systems, • standard units for water and wastewater conveyance systems, • units used with wastewater treatment systems, • units used with facilities associated with the support of treatment systems, and • units used with water reuse systems.

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