Commissioning Variable Flow Pipework Systems (CIBSE Knowledge Series)

New ISBN 9781903287835
Price: GBP44.00
Date Published: October 2008
Published by: Energy Institute

This publication describes commissioning procedures for variable flow recirculating heating and chilled water pipework distribution systems. The guidance has been produced to complement CIBSE Knowledge Series KS7: Variable flow pipework systems.

CIBSE Guide KS7 describes two main approaches to the successful design of variable flow heating and chilled water distribution systems:
* designs utilising self-balancing layouts
* designs incorporating differential pressure control valves (DPCVs).

The commissioning procedures set out in this publication focus on these two design approaches. Descriptions are given of the main system features and components, their intended functions, and the appropriate commissioning procedures required. In this respect, this guide is a particular application of the general commissioning principles laid out in CIBSE Code W: Water distribution systems.

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